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Through personal experience with our own pets and great reports from our clients, we can comfortably recommend the following websites. These websites are useful and provide great information. If you utilize any of these services and don’t have a great experience, please let us know! – Medical Information About Pets for Clients

We encourage our clients to educate themselves about their pets’ care and any medical conditions they experience. The internet is full of information, but not all of it is accurate. We recommend because the articles are written by veterinarians.

Pet Rest

We trust this family-owned and operated business in northern Indiana with our cremation services.

Hill’s Prescription Diet

We proudly recommend and sell Hill’s Prescription Diets for our patients with special nutritional needs. Our staff members feed it to their pets as well. Although we do not sell Hill’s Science Diet products we recommend them for pets who do not need a prescription diet.

Care Credit

We accept Care Credit as payment for your pet’s care.

Purdue Animal Behavior Clinic

Heartworm Information

The American Heartworm Society has lots of good information on the prevention and treatment of heartworm disease.

Hills to Home

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)

Pet Plan Pet Insurance

Pets Best Pet Insurance

ASPCA Pet Insurance


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Scheduling an appointment:

To optimize our efficiency and reduce client waiting times, we prefer to operate primarily by appointments. Drop-off appointments may be requested by the pet owner to maximize his/her time or suggested by our staff if all appointments are filled for the day and the pet owner is wanting his animal evaluated or treated the same day.

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